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Success with your Digital Transformation Program - Revolution or Evolution?

03.11.19 02:06 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)
Sustained change is a long running process. Sustained change, therefore, is rarely revolutionary - where many things are fundamentally changed at once - as too many of those will lead to inherent roadblocks in dependent processes, causing the whole system to collapse.

Has your Digital Transformation partner transformed?

21.10.19 12:29 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)
The key word in Digital Transformation is not digital - digital merely refers to the enabler - it is transformation. The objective of this post is to make us all look more critical at those that are claiming to be experts in delivering Digital Transformation.

How scope gets in the way of trust and success

07.10.19 05:18 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

Go and ask for a quote for an IT solution delivery, and the first thing you get asked is: "What is the scope?" Seems fair - if you want to get a price commitment, you will be asked for a functionality boundary. But what does this actually do to the delivery of your solution? Nothing good, ...

Implementing business applications? GAME ON!

05.09.19 01:28 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

If you ever played a computer game, you know that great games start easy, and incrementally introduce new complexities. As Nolan K. Bushnell coined the phrase to describe the best games: "easy to learn, difficult to master". So what does this have to do with business applications? Surely, ...

Are your finance requirements holding you back?

17.07.19 10:20 AM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

I have been in the business of implementing business solution for over 25 years. During this time, I have been amazed at two things: 1). the incredible speed of innovation in this sector, and 2). the incredible inertia of silly requirements that keep us from utilising these innovations. No - this is...

A tale of two companies: how culture and systems drive support outcomes

11.05.19 12:19 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

I would like to share with you two different experiences I have had dealing with support - in both cases the respective companies were represented by courteous support agents, willing to do what is necessary to resolve a ticket satisfactory. Yet the outcome and experience could not have been a bigge...

Five lessons Albert Einstein can teach us about business systems

23.01.19 06:05 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)
Five lessons we Einstein can teach us about business systems - From bookkeeping to Data Analytics, from Customer Relationship Management to Artificial Intelligence - these five principles keep you on top of your applications - not the other way round

Wiise - The affordable integrated solution for small business... is it?

22.08.18 01:11 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

Wiise is a new integrated business application aimed at small business launched in Australia - it comes forth from the collaborative efforts of KPMG, Microsoft, and CBA (created by KPMG, built on Microsoft, supported by CBA). You may have seen the press surrounding the launch of Wiise - not in the l...

Business applications and the suspension of market economics

22.04.18 06:05 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)
The price we are willing to pay for goods or services depends on the cost of alternatives available, including the alternative of doing nothing. Easy, weigh up the benefits, and compare those to the cost, right? Well, yes and no.

Expectations 3: Time dilation

22.04.18 06:04 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)
Time seems to go faster when you are in a high pressure project - tasks fall behind, no matter how much slack was added to the plan.