• The Solopreneur

    Please note that the Solopreneur plan is available for select Solopreneurs and Startups. Do contact us to see if there is an opening for your business.

The problem

The traditional Solopreneur started to spend time working for clients. However, with client work comes administration. The bills need to be paid, expenses tracked, customers acquired, clients served. What starts as a workable system for one or two clients, quickly becomes a myriad of systems that don't work together, leaving the Solopreneur feel like the juggler with one too many balls in the air.
To streamline the systems, expensive outside experts are required. This includes web-developers, application specialists, integration consultants - and then we are just talking about the ICT systems. Typically, the Solopreneur neither has the funds nor the time to align the ICT systems to their process.

The clients are invoiced at irregular times; invoices which are, more often than not, not followed up. The average days outstanding for unpaid invoices is almost the entire month - cash that can be put to good use otherwise.

Our solution

  • Consolidating all applications into a single digital platform
  • Invoicing directly when the job is done, or goods are delivered
  • Automated payment gateways for Credit Card and Direct Debit configured
  • Expenses logged by taking photo of receipt in the phone - directly linked to bookkeeping system
  • Single point of view on all client engagements - sales, after-sales, delivery, and accounting
  • Business change is built into the plan, the applications evolve with the business

Your benefits

  • Saving costs on application subscriptions, integration, and maintenance
  • Save hours of administration to do the invoicing
  • Days sales outstanding (DSO) reduced to close to payment terms (i.e. 5 days) - more cash on hand
  • No stress at BAS time - all GST on sales, purchases, and sundry expenses are recorded; no weekends lost on building a spreadsheet to accompany all the receipts
  • Single point of view on all client engagements - sales, after-sales, delivery, and accounting
  • With the digital business plan, maintenance and enhancements are included, changes can be made to the software as part of the plan at any time

The verdict

As this is a single employee business, the recommended plan is Solopreneur. The software included covers the entire business operations. The list on the right provides the subset of software that is implemented for this particular business to come to the results described above. However, with the comprehensive digital business foundation, there is still significant room to grow as an organisation, were more applications can be introduced to improve the business flow as required.

Digital Solopreneur

The digital business foundation plan, with the following integrated applications for the solopreneur (with access for the accountant to the finance applications):

  • Email
  • CRM
  • Expense management and Accounting
  • Website
  • Email campaign marketing