• Experience the freedom

    A digital business provides you freedom and flexibility to focus on your customers. To do what you intended to do in your business, and have the digital business platform support you in your operations.

Digital foundation

The digital business is built on a strong foundation. Regardless of the plan that suits your business, the foundation is the solid underpinning of your future growth. This foundation is more than just Software as a Service (SaaS) - the plan includes the software, implementation, support, maintenance, and enhancements. It is the IT managed services for small businesses in Australia.

Processing services

Built on the foundations, there are processing services our clients can subscribe to. These services are built on, or hook into the digital business platform, and are executed by best in class partners. These services include payroll processing and accounts receivable and collection management. We are adding more services over time when more partners join the program, such as accounting and marketing.

Strategic planning and execution

A digital transformation is not a trivial program any business undertakes lightly. We provide you with access to the best in class business advice and coaching, guiding your business through the stages of the transformation. Whether your goals are for growth or lifestyle, the digital transformation services are aimed to get you the maximum return on your digital business investments. These services are can be added to any digital business services plan.


Connected and integrated business applications


From "solopreneur" to established mid-sized businesses

All in one

Software, services. and support included in one plan

Grows with you

Additional services you can add to your plan as you need

A comprehensive plan tailored to your needs

The digital business platform (denoted in blue in the picture on the left) is the foundation for the digital business services. This foundation includes:

  • Collaboration and communication - email, instant messaging, social intranet, productivity
  • Marketing - email and social media campaigns, website and landing page, web visitor tracking and engagement
  • Finance - accounting, expense management, inventory management, project time management

As not every business is the same, the need for the add-on services (denoted in green), are optional; there is no requirement to take any or all of these services. These services do hook into the common foundation, using and re-using the systems as they are set up; you get the benefit of an efficiency that other service providers cannot offer.