• Aurelian Group partners with Zoho to deliver the Digital Business Platform

Aurelian Group is a certified Zoho Partner in Sydney Australia, specialised in the Zoho One application suite. We have customers around the globe, using Zoho's data centres in Australia, Europe, and North America. 

Why Zoho?

In our experience, Zoho is by far the most pragmatic solution focused software vendor out there. The reason for this is simple, Zoho is privately owned, not listed on any of the stock exchanges, and are therefore not beholden to single focus on quarterly earnings. Zoho puts effort in customer retention by constantly driving to improve customer value from using their products. We see the positive effects of this in our customer base - for whom we can build better and more comprehensive scenarios to optimise their business, resulting in improvements in their bottom-line. Over 60 million Zoho users across over 180 countries are a great testament to this drive for long term success by adding value. 

Why Zoho One?

Zoho One is the comprehensive business platform, consisting of over 40 applications to manage your business. Each application can operate separately, but is at logical points integrated with other Zoho One applications. The reason we choose to build our services exclusively on Zoho One is the combination of simplicity and power which you cannot achieve with traditional point solutions or ERP systems.

Aurelian Group is built on Zoho

We do not only deliver solutions built on Zoho to our customers, we use Zoho wall-to-wall at Aurelian Group. Here is a list of the Zoho applications we use at Aurelian Group to drive our day-to-day operations. All these applications are integrated to an end-to-end process. 

  • Zoho Books (finance)
  • Zoho Subscriptions (subscription management and invoicing)
  • Zoho CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Zoho Desk (ticket and work logging)
  • Zoho Sprints (agile solution delivery management)
  • Zoho Mail (email server and client)
  • Zoho WorkPlace (office suite)
  • Zoho Connect (enterprise intranet and collaboration)
  • Zoho Cliq (enterprise messaging)
  • Zoho Voice (phone system)
  • Zoho Assist (remote access software for secure and auditable client work)
  • Zoho People (human resource management suite with time registration and performance management, integrated to our external payroll application)
  • Zoho Meeting (online meeting and webinar software)
  • Zoho Sites (to build and host this website)
  • Zoho Analytics (business intelligence and actionable dashboards)
  • Zoho Directory (secure authentication and device management)