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    For winners, everything seems to come easy, effortless, and success just comes to them.
    Winning companies have winning systems - systems that are supported by their business applications.
    Winning in your industry

Zoho One - all the pieces fit

Zoho One is the master of all software bundles - everything you need to operate your business under one roof, for a simple to understand price. The suite includes 45+ applications, each can work as a stand-alone, or in unison with the other applications - one plus one truly makes three here.

The Price? you would not believe - but it is true

For less than a coffee a day, less than a movie per week, you can subscribe an employee to all Zoho One applications. Ready to use when you want or need, and patiently waiting if you are not yet ready for that app just right now.

$43 per employee per month

* all employee pricing, based on annual payment, exclusive of GST

30 day free trial

Implementation in your control

Your business is far from the nearest consultant? No problem!

You can only spend a few hours spread out over each week? We got you!

You want feel confident in the solution, during and after the implementation? We have a shared goal!

With a traditional services approach, you are sold as many consultant hours as possible, which is a huge burden on your operations, and budget - with an end-result of a system that - well - works, but you are not overly happy with it, and you are afraid to tweak it as nobody really got you trained on that. IT was done to you, not with you.

Our approach is different. You book the time for what you think you need - in a week by week basis - in slots between one and three hours. During that time we work on your implementation needs... no, not thick manuals and documents - we actually get things done. At the end of each session - there are two success metrics - first - is the functionality giving you better workflow than before the session, and second - are you comfortable setting this up. At the end of the implementation, you have internalised the competence, allowing you to be comfortable with making enhancements to the solution without having to call an expensive consultant every time.

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