• More Time, More Care

    Are you a clinical service provider? Whether it is Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, or other health services, your time as well as the time of your staff is a precious commodity. With Aurelian Group's Acoreus health care scheduling and invoicing system, you can maximise your time providing service to the community, by automating many of the back-office tasks for you.
  • You focus on your customers,

    we take care of your systems

    We provide and manage a full suite of integrated applications to operate your entire business, built on a platform that is trusted by over 60 million people globally. We connect your business from marketing to sales and from operations to finance.
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  • Need a bespoke line of business application?

    Go Low Code!

    Aurelian Group has partnered with the Zoho Creator team to provide businesses in Australia and New Zealand support and services in their adoption of Low Code Application Development

Comprehensive digital business platform

A digital business platform is an integrated canvas of applications and services. An all in one business application software suite, where the applications are designed to work independently as well as enhance each other when working in combination.

Predictable and affordable

A predictable monthly subscription that covers the software licensing, implementation, support, maintenance, and enhancements. Budget is no longer a barrier to maintaining your business applications to keep up with the business demands of an Australian small business.

Evolves with your business

Your business is not static. Your demands on your digital business platform change along with your company's evolution. With the Digital Business Services from Aurelian Group, this evolution is built into the plan. You don't just get the outcome you need today - you get a system that morphs to cater for your ongoing business evolution.

Digital Business Services
from cost savings to innovation

1. Cost savings

Eliminate expensive subscriptions on non-integrated applications.

2. Increased productivity

Improve productivity with integrated workflow and automation, get more done in less time.

3. Innovation

Adapt to market changes, or introduce your own disruption, unprecedented business flexibility.