Unlock your success in the cloud

    Moving your business applications into the cloud is more than just "changing where the applications are hosted" - done well, and it opens up new possibilities with AI, Analytics, while keeping the cost down. 
    Done poorly, and you'll introduce more complexity, instead of efficiency. 
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    Lower your consulting expenses​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Implementation of software can be expensive. To size an implementation of Zoho One for your organisation, a rule of thumb is to take the annual subscription fee before discount, and multiply this by 5. For example - a 10 employee business using Zoho One, would typically spend $45 X 10 employees X 12 months X 5 = $ 27,000 on implementation cost for the basic functionality. This excludes custom applications or custom code, and costs will vary based on the number of applications you wish to implement.

    Aurelian Group offers Advisory based implementation - where costs are reduced by 30% - 75% of the regular implementation budget. If you want to achieve more by spending less, read more.

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​Elegant simplicity is the key to success

Demystify the Cloud

Cloud software can provide great value to your business - but it can also come at a great cost. Achieving return on investment is a lot easier if the original cost base is not ridiculously high.  If you are in the market for Cloud Software, we partner with Zoho - where you can get enterprise functionality without the enterprise headaches or price tag.


Aurelian Group membership

Many hands make light work

Implementation projects, or simply just using software, it is not every one's forte. Aurelian Group members benefit from community learning, a community forum, as well as regular webinars, and discounted advisory hours. Where there is enough interest, a heavily subsidised (or even free) classroom training can be organised with Aurelian Group or Zoho experts. 

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