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    When you run your own business, your time spent working on and for your customers is where you make your money - We help you maximise that time by providing you world class business applications - we implement, manage, and enhance them for a fixed and affordable monthly fee.
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Aurelian Group: your partner in Digital Business Transformation

Take the stress out of Digital - Aurelian Group offers you a Managed Services plan to get your Business Digital. The plans are sized to the various business stages, from Solopreneur to Corporate.
What is a Digital Business?
A digital business is a business where the operations are digitised and automated where it makes sense. For example - instead of downloading data into a spreadsheet (like Microsft Excel) to analyse manually, there is a analysis visualisation at your fingertips. Or customer queries are forwarded via email instead of added to a queue and prioritised based on parameters.
The aim is to make the business more human centric - this seems paradoxical, but by automating routine operational tasks, you and your staff have more time to allocate to where it truly matters: your customers!
Ok.. so what are the benefits?

Digital Business is a term that is used often - some may say, over-used. However, a true Digital Business is more than just replacing your current systems to systems in "the cloud" - or heaven forbid - replacing the human interaction between your business and your clients with AI and bots - A Digital Business uses technology to eliminate time-waste on non-customer facing tasks, to make the most out of every minute of customer interaction.

Ultimately, it is about one thing, and one thing only: the success of your business and its customers.

So, it is a transformation project?

It certainly is transformative, but it is not a project. Projects are characterised by a start, and end, and a planned transformation in between. These projects are scoped out in advance, and in the vast majority of cases result in expensive disappointments.

The Digital Business Services plans are ongoing - it contains the software, the implementation, support, maintenance, and enhancement as on ongoing effort. The fees are evenly spread across the subscription, payable month to month. There is therefore no project that tends to ramp up towards a capital expenditure, nor is there a requirement to invest a significant fund upfront, deal with months of implementation, before you see any benefit.

With the Aurelian Group Digital Business, we work according to a velocity that your business can absorb, providing continues incremental changes - each iteration improving on the last. Small changes are easier to deal with for your staff, require less training and support, and also do not disrupt your clients.

A Digital Business Services plan with Aurelian Group is an investment in the continuous growth of your business - it is a long term relationship which value is measured in your success.

Ahh... it is IT?

Information Technology is at the heart of the Digital Transformation - but it is only a tool, not the end-game. We look at your business, and the business processes, and what tools can be applied to increase your ability to spend time adding value to your customers. The core of our service is based on the implementation, maintenance, support, and enhancement of Business Applications, it  enables the surrounding services we provide, such as:

  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Payroll
  • Business Performance and Growth Planning
Aurelian Group partners with the leaders and visionaries in their respective fields, providing you with a single point of entry for world class software and services to help your business grow and flourish. Click here for more information on these partnerships.

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