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The problem

This company is a specialist in corporate and charity events. From booking sponsorships, organising venues, getting key-note speakers, managing catering, and marketing and ticketing the events - all the moving components between the team of six, and the various vendors, customers, and contractors were often lost in the daily motion.
The requirements for the corporate events often include multi-track agenda management and agenda builder for the participants. This would require significant expenditure to create.
Further, the ticketing provider is a separate organisation, taking a significant portion of the ticket sales as commission, plus the provider harvests the ticket holder details, which is seen as not desirable.

Our solution

  • A collaborative project management portal, to which external users (such as client and contractors) can be invited and allocated tasks
  •  A CRM system to keep track of clients, sponsors, and attendees (for charity events)
  • Integrated event management software for promoting the event (inclusive of event micro-site), sponsor management, ticketing (inclusive of promotional tickets), speaker management, and multi-track agenda management
  • A payment gateway to take payments from ticketing in control of the organisation, there is no need for clients to register with third party ticketing systems

Your benefits

  • Timely decisions due to collaborative dependency management resulted in lower costs and higher client satisfaction
  • More repeat clients for charity events, both attendees and sponsorships
  • The multi-track agenda builder, and mobile attendee app (for iOS and Android) is a differentiating factor over competing organisers for corporate events
  • Ticketing for paid events is kept in-house, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and higher attendee trust as no third parties are involved. The cost of ticketing per attendee is also lower, leading to higher profit margins per event
  • The ticket validation via barcode scanning significantly reduced the time to admission to the event, resulting in higher attendee registration accuracy, and higher attendee satisfaction

The verdict

By implementing a collaborative project management portal, to which client and contractor representatives can be invited to manage their tasks, which form dependencies on the overall event organisation, the communication has been significantly simplified. There is now one source of truth where it pertains the event organisation. A critical path view of the event organisation project, clearly identifies where the tasks impact the overall project. The "social media" like communication on the project portal has opened up the communication channels.
Since the ticketing is handled through the company's own ticketing system and payment gateways, there is no information about the attendees shared with third parties. An added bonus is that the ticket fee per attendee is also significantly lower than with the third party ticket provider.
The attendee experience has been enhanced with multi-track agenda ability, and a mobile phone application for the event. The mobile application can be used to see the event details, check and manage the planned session attendance, receive announcements, and even social engagement for the attendees.
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Digital Micro-business

The digital business foundation plan, with the following integrated applications for 6 employees:

  • Project management system with external party login
  • CRM
  • Event management software
  • Ticketing system and payment gateway
  • Event landing page and micro-site
Add-on: Unlimited events