About Aurelian Group

Elegance in Simplicity

The business environment is changing every more rapidly. What is the business mantra today, is relegated to the shelf of "ideas of yesteryear". Whether executing a Digital Transformation Program, optimizing the Business Processes, or building a High Performance Team - it is about Value, not the latest fad. Aurelian Group works with you to weed through the complexities, and simplifies them for success.

With the Aurelian Group Digital Business Services, Australian companies have the opportunity to transition their business into a digital business, without the headaches or costs associated with such transformation projects. By offering this in the form of  a subscription, we aim to disrupt the waste in the traditional IT services industry, lower the cost of ownership while increasing the return on the investment by bringing more value faster.

Aurelian Group vision and mission


To make every business more effective with the proper implementation and use of business applications. 

Small and medium sized businesses are the engine in the economy. Combined, they are the largest employer, providing opportunities for apprenticeships, employment, and economic participation to the youth, as well as the experienced. Aurelian Group desires to simplify starting and running a business, by providing software and services that add value, is simple to use, and is friendly to cash-flow.

In large enterprises, still too many implementations are deemed a failure, a failure-rate ranging from 60%-75%. This is lost productivity, and lost opportunity for these enterprises, which trickles down to their customers and suppliers. To increase the rate of success not only has a tangible benefit for the enterprise, but also their small business suppliers and customers stand to benefit.


Success is moving the goal-post by achieving a goal, and setting a new one. First, we would like to improve the rate of existence beyond the first 5 years since founding by 300% among our entrepreneurial customers compared to the market. Second, we aim to see a 50% - 75% reduction in cost for application subscription, implementation, and support, while providing comparable benefits, significantly improving the Return on Investment for our customers.

Third, we measure our success by the growth of our customers and our business, where we can provide opportunities for employment and apprenticeship, and are able to make meaningful contributions to our community with a donation of services, goods, and/or money.


Aurelian Group provides end-to-end services for start-ups and small businesses. We do this via on Opt-In mechanism - our customers choose what is relevant and important to them. Aurelian Group is easy to deal with, flexible, and due to our innovative subscription model for practically anything we do, cost effective. We have extensive experience in business applications and business processes - available to you at a highly competitive rate compared to if you go out to market.

Trading Partners

Our customers are entrepreneurs, small or medium sized businesses where we deliver software and services, and enterprise size customers who we predominantly serve with advisory services and program quality services, as well as specific point solutions.. Our customers believe in value before marketing hype. Our customers see business success as both personal and financial growth, as well as an opportunity to be contributing to the community and economy by providing employment opportunities.

Our partners and affiliates provide high quality products and services in a manner that is disruptive to the status quo - taking an innovative approach to enable our customers grow faster and contribute more.

Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius - Aurelian Group

Marcus Aurelius was one of the most respected emperors of the Roman empire. Reigning from 161 AD till his death in 180 AD, he was known as the last of the Five Good Emperors. Perhaps his most enduring legacy was the writing of Meditations, a collection of thoughts and philosophical deliberations of the Stoic school. These Meditations are still referred to today by academics and business leaders alike. 

"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one" - Marcus Aurelius

Matt Koopmans
Based on over two decades of experience with programs ranging from below $500k to over $100mln - Aurelian Group has developed specific services that complement any transformational program. Matt has over two decades of experience in business applications, such as ERP, CRM (and its SAM,SFA precursors), forecasting tools and eCommerce platforms. "It is not the technology that makes the difference, it is the way technology can be applied to serve the business strategy that determines the end result." Matt believes that productivity and value are the main drivers to business success: "Whether we talk about value in the sense of business, or individual - it is our responsibility, our accountability, to maximize it." 
Matt is a leader with proven track record in Professional Services; Practice Growth and Maturity, Complex Sales and Delivery Engagements of Digital Transformation projects. Experience in Australia/New Zealand, South East Asia, Japan, China, Europe, and the Middle East. A team builder, motivator, and lateral thinker.
What motivated you to start Aurelian Group?

I have been involved with Business Applications for over two and a half decades. During this time I have had the opportunity to work with many organisations, from small to very large global conglomorates. Working across these businesses and many industries, you cannot help but notice that there is actually more these business have in common with each other than those processes that are different. Yet, the bulk of the implementation effort is spent on making things more complex than needed, introducing significant additional cost, and significant additional risk of failure. Some of this is caused by the client not realising the complexity introduced, but mostly the service provider that  sees the addition of revenue and reduction of services benchtime as a motivation to go along with the customer request.

With Aurelian Group, I took the opportunity to shake this up for our customers. We are not a service company, so we are not pressured to "sell" more hours to clear the bench. I believe that simplicity brings elegance and agility to any business. As a result, we keep the costs low and at the same time increase the return on investment as well as improve the ability of any business to change according to market demands.

Why Zoho?
When I started the business, I evaluated many accounting packages. In the end, it came down to Xero and Zoho Books. My choice fell on Zoho Books as it offered a better deal (cost to value was very much in advantage to Zoho), and it provided the biggest opportunity for my business to build on the application with additional functionality - the other Zoho applications that happily work with other Zoho applications. During a training in January 2018, about remaining compliant with the ATO rules and regulations (Tax in Australia), I noticed that other attendees without fail were dreading the quarterly BAS lodgement (Business Activity Statement). When I saw the reactions when I explained my process with Zoho Books and Zoho Expense, and the fact that my quarterly BAS takes me all about 10 minutes in total (most time spent on the ATO website), I knew I was on to something.

Zoho in the mean time, launched Zoho One - an all you can eat buffet of Zoho applications for a simple to understand monthly price. This struck me as a disruptive offer - at the time 35 applications for as little as $45 per employee per month. This price point is allows for any business to get the appropriate applications accessible to the right people. Getting more users on business applications, increases the value of these applications. With the prices in the market, where one can pay in excess of $150 dollars per user for a CRM, this has been cost prohibitive. Until now - with Zoho One, all employees can be involved in the generation and consumption of relevant data within your organisations, and your customers will love you for it.
What makes Aurelian Group different?
First of all - we are not a traditional service company. We don't measure the traditional metrics for services organisations such as "utilisation" (the percentage of billable hours per month per employee), bench (the number of hours not sold), and we certainly don't work according towards a limiting statement of work.
In our managed services plans, we proactively work on your systems to deliver the functionality our customers need in their business, at a pace they are able to absorb the new processes. There are no change-requests, there are no "late penalties" for providing depending information. No early capital investment to get your system running. We provide the services paced to the requirements of your business (we have plans for various sizes and stages of business), you only pay a fixed fee per month, which includes the software, support, and implementation services. The only variables you have to consider in the budget is the number of users we cover - and optional services such as payroll.