What makes Aurelian Group different?

After 25+ years in the business applications industry, Matt Koopmans has led implementation teams and architects implementing business software for many companies in various industries - from the very small, to Fortune 100 multinationals, projects sizing from several thousands to 100 million dollars in value.

Matt Koopmans

The challenges

Regardless of the size of the project, the type of business application, size of the business, or which industry - the successful implementation and adoption of business applications has been plagued by the same challenges. Since the inception of the concept of business applications the challenge continue to include project budget overruns, lack of adoption, and a lack of continued integration of the application into the changing business environment.

"The reason for this is simple: after spending significant funds, effort, and time to get the business solution just right for your current requirement, the last thing you want to do is to spend more to alter the application. While your business is not static, your applications tend to be, until they no longer fit the business. Then the entire process repeats. Such a waste of time, effort, and resources" - Matt Koopmans

Digital Business Services - A better way of implementing business applications

In today's digital world, everything it changing in real time - your market, customers, and your business are evolving. Why would your business application not evolve with you? What if we take away the reasons mentioned above - cost, time, effort. What if we change the CapEx (capital expenditure) project to an OpEx (operational expense) subscription that caters for the continued release of incremental change evolves on your business applications? A predictable and affordable, tax-deductible monthly fee that covers the licensing, implementation, support, maintenance, and enhancements. This solution ensures your business applications evolve with the market demands - it is covered.

The story behind the name - Aurelian Group

Marcus Aurelius - Aurelian Group

Marcus Aurelius was one of the most respected emperors of the Roman empire. Reigning from 161 AD till his death in 180 AD, he was known as the last of the Five Good Emperors. Perhaps his most enduring legacy was the writing of Meditations, a collection of thoughts and philosophical deliberations of the Stoic school. These Meditations are still referred to today by academics and business leaders alike. 

"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one" - Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius (if the roman adoptive name customs were followed, his family name would change to that of his adoptive father's, with the added Aurelianus to signify is original family) is not the only emperor linking Aurelian Group to the roman history. Lucius Domitius Aurelianus (better known today as Aurelian), who reigned from 270 AD - 275 AD.

During his short reign, Aurelian reunified the fragmented Roman empire, which is seen as his hallmark achievement. However, Aurelian's actions as a pragmatist are more symbolic to the link with Aurelian Group. After defeating the Goths, Aurelian decided it was simply too expensive to keep hold of the Dacia province, for the little return it brought. As Romans never ceded territory voluntarily before, the opposition to this sensible move was fierce, if only for symbolic reasons. Aurelian simply reorganised the province of Dacia, so in name on the records it was not a ceded territory.

Both Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Domitius Aurelianus have placed their mark on history, and influence Aurelian Group today - from the stoic principles in our business philosophy to the ability to understand what effort yields value, and abandon those that do not.

Elegance in Simplicity

The business environment is changing at a rapid rate. Whilst the buzzwords change, the fundamentals do not.  Whether executing a Digital Transformation Program, optimizing the Business Processes, or building a High Performance Team - it is about Value, not the latest fad.

Aurelian Group works with you to navigate the complexities, and simplifies for success. Our Digital Business Services help Australian small businesses to transition into a digital business, without the headaches or costs associated with these transformation projects. We offer a comprehensive digital business suite of services as  a subscription, thereby removing the waste of the traditional ICT services delivery projects. We reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the return on investment by bringing more value faster.