Take the PAIN out of NDIS with ACOREUS

ACOREUS is more than just a "software package". It is the operating system for your NDIS Service Business. 

Do More that Matters

With ACOREUS, many "back office" tasks are automated and/or highly streamlined - in some cases reducing the administrative effort by 80%. This time can be spent providing services to the participants - get more done.

Supercharge your compliance

Compliance is paramount. Upon completing a session with a participant, the therapist is prompted to enter the progress notes. These notes are linked to the participant, providing a chronological overview of progress against goals

Easy invoicing - get paid faster

Save time during invoicing. All completed sessions are automatically added to the invoice, and invoices are automatically sent to the participant or the plan manager (while still addressed to the participant), as per the participant settings.

You get Software AND a Team!

With others, you just get the software, and have to pay for configuration and support. Not with us! The configuration and support is included in the plan - you get your CIO and IT manager with  the plan. 

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