Zoho One for Professional Services

Whether you are a lawyer, consultant, accountant, technical writer, or deliver any service to your customers, the time spent not serving your customer is time not invoiced; time is the most fleeting inventory, once an hour passes, it has expired - invoiced or not. Therefore, as a professional service provider, it is essential that everything you do is done with greatest effect and efficiency. 

Armed with information at your fingertips - whether it is on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you carefully manage your time to your and your customer's maximum value. With the applications in Zoho One - you do not need to worry about your administration backlog - the integrated systems take care of that. You only need to focus on your work on behalf of your customer. Zoho can even time you when you are doing your work, which is automatically charged against the customer - whether you work on per-work invoice, or on retainer. 

See below for the most commonly applications used in Zoho One for Professional Services. Click the arrows to browse to the next picture in the gallery.

Pricing (Australian Dollar - Excl. GST)

Element Licensing type
Monthly payment plan
Annual payment plan
Zoho One
Per employee (all employees)