Address those annoyances with your current webinar/training software

There are many suitable webinar and training solutions available. But they all have some annoying "features" - for example - lower interaction with the audience, or no possibility to conduct classroom training with the application. Or a personal gripe of mine: the requirement to install client software. ShowTime is the answer to all these things.

Zoho ShowTime for webinars and training

Feedback and Analytics

Conducting a training or a webinar requires a lot of preparation. After the delivery, you think it went well - you assume the audience engaged. Even the feedback forms received indicate positive feedback. And that is only captured from those that fill out the forms - but were they really engaged, or just polite? With Zoho ShowTime, you can actually measure the engagement during the delivery. ShowTime has tools to measure feedback, as well as engagement. The latter happens during the training/presentation, automatically. The analytics are presented to you in a manner that you can use for improving your delivery.

Get detailed session analytics on your Webinar or Training with Zoho ShowTime


Interacting with the audience is more than just having the option to chat in a chat window. The Zoho ShowTime functionality gives you the following options for participant interaction:

  • Chat
  • (moderated) Questions
  • Polls in a Poll Library
  • Participants can browse back in the slides (but not forward)
  • Participants can show their appreciation of a certain slide by liking it
  • Participants can upvote a question
  • Participants have access to an in-app notepad, so they don't have to switch out of the application to take notes (the notes are emailed to the participant after the session)
This sounds all great on a webinar - but what about a classroom or auditorium format? Well, Zoho ShowTime has the same interactive capabilities for an in class or auditorium training as well. The interaction can be via the browser on the desktop computer, or (more applicable to auditorium style delivery) via the mobile phone client (native for iOS and Android). 
Measure engagement and allow interaction with Zoho ShowTime for browser and mobile

No headaches - it just works on any system

Some webinar software requires the attendee to register with the application provider, and install a webinar client on their computer. As an attendee, I find that annoying at best, but in most cases I find it unacceptable. It is OK to register with the party providing the value of the webinar, but that does not mean I wish to share my details with a third party (the webinar application provider). Nor do I think it is acceptable to have to install a client (a software application that allows you to connect to that particular platform) on my work computer. As an organiser of webinars, I take these grievances seriously - as you should too. With Zoho ShowTime, you do not need to install any other software, other than a supported browser. The latest versions of a Chrome based browser or FireFox is officially supported (this captures the vast majority of the browsers of choice in use). Think of the unspoken appreciation you get from not forcing your audience to install something, but instead just offer a link, and it just works!

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