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Technology for remote expertise

Aurelian Group uses the Zoho applications for remote access and support to securely collaborate with customers all over Australia (and overseas). The following technology is used (all part of Zoho One). Below is a brief overview of these systems

Zoho Bookings

The ease of remote consulting starts with booking the session. Simply go to the bookings page, and select an available time slot. You can choose between 1, 2, and 3 hour sessions.

Zoho Meetings

When you make a booking with Aurelian Group, you receive a confirmation with a meeting URL (link to a webpage). You can access the meeting directly from your browser. You may be asked to install a plugin once, but after that, it is all done for you. You do not need to install any additional software. Meetings has voice over the internet (using your microphone and speakers of your PC), or you can dial into an Australian phone number.

Zoho ShowTime

One to many communications, such as training or workshops, are required to get the right buy-in and enable the uses to learn the new features delivered in the implementation. The software allows for direct interaction, polling, and note taking. At the end of a session, a recording is shared with the participants, where applicable.

Zoho Desk

If you do get stuck, and need some additional support, Aurelian Group has a support portal with knowledge base and ticket management. Simply log onto our support portal, and raise a support ticket. If the articles suggested on the right-hand side are not applicable to your query, submit your ticket and we will be in touch with you on the proposed solution or next steps.

Zoho Assist

In most cases, it we can resolve any issue via regular support and screen sharing. However, in the rare cases support entails some more difficult to access settings, and you prefer us to make the changes. Via Zoho Assist, we can remotely access your desktop (only after you have given us permission to do so, and you will see exactly what we are doing in real time) to make these changes. We will keep a complete audit report of all access to your computer for your reference.

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