Zoho Corporation

The digital business platform is built on the foundation of Zoho One - "the operating system for your business".

The Zoho platform is trusted by over 50 million users globally.

bO2 Corporate Essentials

Since 2006 bO2 Corporate Essentials are to successful businesses what oxygen is to life: essential. Get your compliance sorted with 100% technically proficient documents.


A proven and scalable payroll solution for the Australian small business. Compliant with the Australian Tax Office regulations (including STP), take the headache out of your payroll processing

Adept Business

Set a strategy, and align the digital platform to achieve its objectives. Whether your in for growth or lifestyle, with Adept Business Digital Transformation Services you are assured your digital business investment leads to your set goals.


A smarter way to manage your invoices and collect payments from your customers. Keep your cash flowing in. It is automation with a human touch, because relationships come first.


A powerful SMS messaging platform, integrated in your Digital Business - as simple as Click, Click, Text. SMS-Magic by Screen-Magic is a comprehensive SMS Gateway for the Zoho based Digital Business.