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Zoholics Sydney 2019 - the BIG anouncements

23.09.19 10:46 AM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

On 19 and 20 September 2019, the Zoho team visited Sydney with the Zoholics customer conference. Every year, this conference gets bigger, and better. With this year a number of BIG announcements from the Zoho team with regards to the already excellent value offer of Zoho One. In this post we will br...

We eliminated the use of third party trackers on our site

29.08.19 09:57 AM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

As we have closed our social media accounts with Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram, we now also have removed any external trackers from our site (we only used the Google Analytics tracker) - we do not enable any third parties to track your movements on the web. The only thing between our current grade...

Our last post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

15.08.19 09:41 AM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

Aurelian Group is this week leaving the social networks Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will solely focus on our audience on LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube.

Soon the links to these networks will disappear from the side-bar of our site, and the pages/accounts themselves will disappear...

Results announcement

03.07.19 08:47 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

When you change your business model from advisory to full software sales, implementation and support partner, it is not a trivial change. Added to that, a full technology change from Microsoft to Zoho, it is an opportunity that does not come without risk. The numbers are in, and it is looking very p...

Licensing terms update for Zoho One - Backstage

25.06.19 09:41 AM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

Zoho has made a change to the Zoho One licensing terms in respect to Backstage. While we wait for the full Australian pricing to be released, I have summarised the main changes for you here. Note that all prices mentioned here are in US Dollar (exclusive of GST).

First - there is an update on how man...

Configuring your Sales Pipeline in CRM

14.05.19 10:09 AM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)
join us for a free webinar on CRM Sales Process and Pipeline Management

Matt Koopmans to feature in the Realise Business Spotlight - Wednesday May 8 2019

01.05.19 04:12 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

I am honoured to be featured in this months Spotlight of Realise Busines at PubBiz in Surry Hills. Realise Business is the leading Not-For-Profit business advisory service to small and mid-sized businesses in New South Wales. PubBiz is one of their many initiatives that help small business owners co...

Zoho has updated the price of Zoho One again - and it is great news!

15.02.19 02:29 PM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

On September 15 2018, Zoho announced the introduction of the "Flexible User" licence, next to the "All Employee" licence for Zoho One, while at the same time introducing a minimum take-off for the "All Employee" licence to five employees. In practice, this meant that a ...

Zoho has updated the Zoho One pricing - what does this mean for you?

20.09.18 10:49 AM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

NhOTE: from February 15 2019 the Zoho has updated the price list for Zoho One, and the minimum requirement for 5 users is no longer in place. To  read more:  

This week, Zoho int...

Aurelian Group new site launched

01.05.18 06:00 AM By Matt Koopmans - Comment(s)

We are pleased to announce that the overhauled website for Aurelian Group is live today. A new site, with new possibilities. Check out the various software sections, sign up for a free trial, or subscribe to service plans. Right here from the site, or if you like, request a quote. Do sign up to our ...