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Aurelian Group and TrainerCentral sign partnership agreement

We are pleased to announce that Aurelian Group and TrainerCentral have signed a partnership agreement, adding TrainerCentral to the products and services offered by Aurelian Group.

TrainerCentral is an all-in-one platform for anyone or any business, to offer online training to students. TrainerCentra...

Matt Koopmans
14.08.22 03:31 PM - Comment(s)
Matt Koopmans named in 150 Top Global Cloud Thought Leaders of 2021

Aurelian Groups own Matt Koopmans has been listed as one of the 150 top global cloud thought leaders of 2021 by Whizlabs. "I am truly honoured to be listed among such distinguished people in our industry - It is another sign that our innovative and pragmatic approach to digital business is maki...

Matt Koopmans
23.04.21 09:47 AM - Comment(s)
Zoho extends free access to Remotely till September 1st 2020

Zoho Remotely is a set of tools for businesses to facilitate remote work during the lock-down. Launched in March 2020, and initially made available for free till July 1st 2020, at which time Zoho would re-evaluate the need for this software. Since many areas are still dealing with the COVID-19 pande...

Matt Koopmans
25.06.20 02:27 PM - Comment(s)
Realise Business Case Study
Case Study: Realise Business streamlines operations with Zoho One
Matt Koopmans
06.04.20 04:28 PM - Comment(s)
Aurelian Group introduces Digital Business Services
Aurelian Group announces the launch of Digital Business Services - managed services plans. Designed for small and midsized businesses - from Solopreneur to 100+ employees.
Matt Koopmans
31.03.20 02:56 PM - Comment(s)
Limit the spread of COVID-19 by working remotely - Zoho Remotely for free

COVID-19, or the Corona Virus, is having a significant effect on how we interact. The consequences of this virus are not yet entirely known, but one thing we do know is that the rate of infection has taken everybody by surprise. Whilst a wide-spread panic is not going to help anyone, some precaution...

Matt Koopmans
11.03.20 08:21 AM - Comment(s)
Zoholics Sydney 2019 - the BIG anouncements

On 19 and 20 September 2019, the Zoho team visited Sydney with the Zoholics customer conference. Every year, this conference gets bigger, and better. With this year a number of BIG announcements from the Zoho team with regards to the already excellent value offer of Zoho One. In this post we will br...

Matt Koopmans
23.09.19 10:46 AM - Comment(s)
Our last post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Aurelian Group is this week leaving the social networks Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will solely focus on our audience on LinkedIn, Google My Business, and YouTube.

Soon the links to these networks will disappear from the side-bar of our site, and the pages/accounts themselves will disappear...

Matt Koopmans
15.08.19 09:41 AM - Comment(s)
Results announcement

When you change your business model from advisory to full software sales, implementation and support partner, it is not a trivial change. Added to that, a full technology change from Microsoft to Zoho, it is an opportunity that does not come without risk. The numbers are in, and it is looking very p...

Matt Koopmans
03.07.19 08:47 PM - Comment(s)