Limit the spread of COVID-19 by working remotely - Zoho Remotely for free

11.03.20 08:21 AM By Matt Koopmans

COVID-19, or the Corona Virus, is having a significant effect on how we interact. The consequences of this virus are not yet entirely known, but one thing we do know is that the rate of infection has taken everybody by surprise. Whilst a wide-spread panic is not going to help anyone, some precautions are an effective measure to minimise the infection. Limiting gathering at a single place, such as the office, is one of them. A significant portion of businesses and government agencies have already invested in a remote working facility - offering secure remote collaboration with co-workers. If your business does not yet have such facility, here is a link to get the excellent Zoho Remotely for free until July 1st 2020. (NOTE: this has been extended till September 1st 2020)

Introducting: Zoho Remotely

Zoho is doing its part by offering to you, free of charge till July 1st 2020, the newly introduced Remotely suite of applications. Remotely may be new, but Zoho's applications are used and loved by millions across the globe. So, what is in it?

  • Cliq - instant and context aware corporate messaging, voice and video calling - for desktop and phone
  • Meeting - teleconference software to organise teleconference meetings with your colleagues and customers
  • ShowTime - conduct online training and webinars

  • Workdrive - cloud based team document storage and document management
  • Projects - manage tasks and milestones in your projects
  • Sprints - manage your agile delivery in sprints

Remote assistance
  • Assist - secure remote access to your customer's or employee's computer, tablet, or mobile phone for technical assistance and issue resolution
  • Lens (US Only) - augmented reality based support for technical installations at your customer, where the technician can communicate with the customer and view and annotate instructions in augmented reality via the customer's phone, or supported augmented reality glasses

  • Writer - write and collaborate on documents with the easy to use, intelligent, and innovative user interface of Zoho Writer
  • Sheet - create, collaborate, and share spreadsheets with Zoho Sheet
  • Show - create and collaborate on presentation slides with Zoho Show

Zoho Show will be available to all businesses for FREE until July 1st, 2020 - at which point the offer will be reviewed.
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