Full Speed or Nothing, or Go All In? You can do one, but should you do both?

Managing a business, large or small, means you will be managing transitions due to change. Internal change, such as pro-active market expansion, diversification, or internal organisational re-alignment (excuse my corporate speak here). Or external change in market conditions, legislation (when is th...

Matt Koopmans
05.02.24 08:30 AM - Comment(s)
Time to chip away the Xero and MYOB Duopaly?

When it comes to accounting packages, there are two names that stick out in Australia: Xero and MYOB. MYOB has been the accounting package for small businesses in Australia until Xero started their push towards accountants as their market channel. A brilliant strategy, brilliantly executed. Now for ...

Matt Koopmans
09.01.24 05:14 PM - Comment(s)
4 Predictions for 2024 and their potential impact on Small Business in Australia

Predictions are tricky - it tends to be that only those predictions you do not commit to writing are coming true. Whether this is "observer bias" (i.e. now it is predicted, one could measure and influence the outcome), or simply a matter of luck - the fact of the matter is that predictions...

Matt Koopmans
28.12.23 03:01 PM - Comment(s)
The year in review

As we bid farewell to another eventful year, it's time to reflect on the achievements and milestones that have made 2023 truly remarkable for us at Aurelian Group. From expanding our team to launching new products and exciting collaborations, here are the highlights that have shaped our journey.

Matt Koopmans
22.12.23 04:39 PM - Comment(s)
The Tyranny of "and"

Why is implementing a suite of business applications so difficult? 

OK - you got me - it is a trick question. It isn't. But what has proven to be difficult - nearly impossible - is for businesses, business owners and leadership, to make a decision. You cannot look in two directions at once, and ...

Matt Koopmans
23.11.23 01:30 PM - Comment(s)
The Rise of ChatGPT: Is AI Taking Over Your Business Decisions?

With the release of ChatGPT v3.5  a few months ago, business large and small have jumped on the bandwagon to experiment with the AI functionality within their business. The software providers have not been sitting still either. With ChatGPT integration of various Zoho products (i.e. Writer, Soc...

Matt Koopmans
28.05.23 04:50 PM - Comment(s)
Mis-, Dis-, and Malinformation in Corporations

Unless you have been leading the life-style of a hermit, you realise that nothing you see, hear, or read can be trusted at face-value. Mis-, dis-, and malinformation are the talking-points of the day for governments, NGO's, certain social media platforms, and mainstream media. 

Let's review one ...

Matt Koopmans
07.02.23 10:02 AM - Comment(s)
The multi-platform collaborative note taking app Zoho Notebook is released as Flatpak

While Zoho is best know for the incredible value Zoho One bundle, or Zoho CRM - the company has had a cloud productivity suite in the market since before Google and Microsoft released their online productivity offerings. 

One of the applications in the cloud productivity suite is Zoho Notebook -...

Matt Koopmans
18.01.23 10:33 AM - Comment(s)
7 Simple recommended practices for Security

As a security conscious partner to my clients, I get a lot of questions on cyber-security, and what to do to be "totally secure". Whilst it is impossible to be "totally secure", there are a number of simple steps you can take (and some that require a bit more configuration). ...

Matt Koopmans
18.08.22 03:46 PM - Comment(s)
Aurelian Group and TrainerCentral sign partnership agreement

We are pleased to announce that Aurelian Group and TrainerCentral have signed a partnership agreement, adding TrainerCentral to the products and services offered by Aurelian Group.

TrainerCentral is an all-in-one platform for anyone or any business, to offer online training to students. TrainerCentra...

Matt Koopmans
14.08.22 03:31 PM - Comment(s)