7 Simple recommended practices for Security

As a security conscious partner to my clients, I get a lot of questions on cyber-security, and what to do to be "totally secure". Whilst it is impossible to be "totally secure", there are a number of simple steps you can take (and some that require a bit more configuration). ...

Matt Koopmans
18.08.22 03:46 PM - Comment(s)
Aurelian Group and TrainerCentral sign partnership agreement

We are pleased to announce that Aurelian Group and TrainerCentral have signed a partnership agreement, adding TrainerCentral to the products and services offered by Aurelian Group.

TrainerCentral is an all-in-one platform for anyone or any business, to offer online training to students. TrainerCentra...

Matt Koopmans
14.08.22 03:31 PM - Comment(s)
The Death of Information Technology

Analysing your Information Supply Chain

How does your business perform against Information Logistics standards? For small businesses, it is relatively easy to measure: how much time is lost by entering data and compiling reports? If you hear: I do not have time for any of that, then you are most like...

Matt Koopmans
10.05.22 12:28 PM - Comment(s)
Matt Koopmans named in 150 Top Global Cloud Thought Leaders of 2021

Aurelian Groups own Matt Koopmans has been listed as one of the 150 top global cloud thought leaders of 2021 by Whizlabs. "I am truly honoured to be listed among such distinguished people in our industry - It is another sign that our innovative and pragmatic approach to digital business is maki...

Matt Koopmans
23.04.21 09:47 AM - Comment(s)
Digital business in every stage of the business life-cycle

Is your business ready for a Digital Business? Is it bad if you are not? Is it for every business, no matter the size or stage in the life-cycle? And is a digital business the same for every business? The answers are yes, no, yes, and no... Clear? No? Well, then I invite you to read on....

Matt Koopmans
08.03.21 08:46 AM - Comment(s)
Integrated email - the productivity enabler on steroids

Email has been part of business communications for a long time now. While in the mid-90's it was predominantly FAX, now the joke is not being the "first person with a fax machine", it is the "last person". Email brings many advantages. A few decades ago it was predominantly cost,...

Matt Koopmans
09.02.21 03:20 PM - Comment(s)
When Small Tech goes BIG

When we think Big Tech, we think about giant operations based in the west-coast of the United States of America: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. And certainly, their solutions have created wealth, business opportunities, and convenience. However, there are concerns, both with the a...

Matt Koopmans
14.01.21 03:22 PM - Comment(s)
Don't tell me to keep safe in 2021! (change our language to become successful again)

When we lead in 2021, it is tradition to do a round-up of the year past. 2020 was a year that does not deserve such accolade. You are reading this article - great, you made it through. Let's leave it at that. I'd rather focus on the year ahead. And in particular, what we can do to make it succes...

Matt Koopmans
30.12.20 09:43 AM - Comment(s)

Right - here we go - another clickbait article... Not quite, read on, because your local small business is essential for both the economy of your community and therefore country, it is essential for remaining free to make your own choices. I urge you to read on...

The role of small business in the co...

Matt Koopmans
09.12.20 05:20 PM - Comment(s)
What is a Digital Business, and why should you care?

The "fourth industrial revolution" is upon us. That may be true, but it will not look like what they concoct in Davos - the digital transformation will be an enabler for small business, serving their communities, and while opening trade on a global scale. "Transnational Localism"...

Matt Koopmans
19.11.20 06:57 PM - Comment(s)