The multi-platform collaborative note taking app Zoho Notebook is released as Flatpak

18.01.23 10:33 AM By Matt Koopmans

While Zoho is best know for the incredible value Zoho One bundle, or Zoho CRM - the company has had a cloud productivity suite in the market since before Google and Microsoft released their online productivity offerings. 

One of the applications in the cloud productivity suite is Zoho Notebook - an Evernote alternative that you can use for free (if you are a Zoho One user, Zoho Notebook Pro is included in your plan). 

Truly multi-platform

Zoho has always put significant effort into producing a multi-platform experience. Zoho Notebook had been available to Linux users for a while - however, only Debian based distributions were supported. Sure, you could use alien or debtar to convert to Redhat or Arch based systems - but why would you?

Zoho Notebook, as the very first Zoho application, has been released as a Flatpak, and it is published on That means that in the software center of your distribution (if flatpak is enabled - and with most recent distributions, that is the case) - you can simply search for Zoho Notebook - and install it from there. 

So - whether you use Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux (Debian, REHL, or Arch based) - you can now install and use Zoho Notebook without delay or complexity - and sync your notes across all devices.

Matt Koopmans