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03.07.19 08:47 PM By Matt Koopmans

When you change your business model from advisory to full software sales, implementation and support partner, it is not a trivial change. Added to that, a full technology change from Microsoft to Zoho, it is an opportunity that does not come without risk. The numbers are in, and it is looking very promising for the time ahead.

Aurelian Group Results for FY19

The story behind the numbers

More Customers, more revenue - great results. The eagle-eyed financially oriented reader will quickly spot that the increase in revenue significantly lags behind the increase in customers - i.e. revenue per customer is down. Part of this is due to the bow wave of transitioning technologies - I switched to Zoho Partner only in March 2018, the expectation was to see a drop in revenue in the first half of the new financial year, and breaking towards parity at the end of the year. We are pleased to announce that despite the change in technology, the revenue increased by 25% year over year.

A 300% growth in the number of customers is a fantastic result. For any business in the startup phase, the customer growth is a logarithmic expression - it is steep at the start (low base) and will taper to more stable numbers over the year. The expectation is that next year, the growth percentage will remain at a similar pace. Effectively, the revenue is spread over more customers, providing a better spread of risk and opportunity. Ultimately, we are able to add value (and save cost!) to more businesses - allowing small and mid-sized companies to take away complexity, save time, and increase profits with an affordable integrated software suite.

Systems are for winners!

The year ahead

"Goals are for losers - winners have systems" - Scott Adams (How to Fail at Almost Everything, and still Win Big) - It is tempting to set goals for the coming year - I want X% growth of Y. Naturally, every business should budget for growth and for the costs associated with that (lack of cash-flow is like a lack of oxygen in the business). For FY20, the goal is to allow for similar growth numbers by further enhancing the systems - this is a recommendation I make to any prospective customer as well - set up a system that will still work if your business was 10X larger than you are now.

Systems supported by Zoho One

Drink your own champagne

Aurelian Group is not only a Zoho Partner, we also use the Zoho One suite to set up the systems that allow us to grow. In the coming year,  we will add People (HRM suite) and MarketingHub (multi-channel marketing) to our implemented systems.

If you want to know more about Zoho One - the all-in-one business suite for AUD 45 per employee per month, feel free to browse our site, sign up to a free trial, or contact us.

Is Zoho One for you?