Managed services, 3 reasons why small business should consider it

28.09.20 05:42 PM By Matt Koopmans

Many small business owners have not heard of the option "Managed Services" - and those that have think of either a "rent-the-IT-guy", or a service only for the very large companies. None of this is true, at least, not any more. Aurelian Group has introduced a comprensive managed services program aimed at small to mid-sized businesses in Australia. As far as we can tell, this is unique not only in Australia, but in the world. But... why should you care? In this article we explore that with a Managed Digital Business Platform you not only save time and money, but set your business up for the growth and/or profit goals you have set.

1. You cannot afford not to

Are you spending your evenings or weekends tidying up your administration? Do you dread the following up of invoices with customers? How about the lead-up to tax time (BAS)? If you recognise some or all elements in your own business, you are not alone. The average small business owners spends considerable time not doing the things they love, just to keep the business running - and mostly they do that during the evening and weekend hours. This affects your business in two key ways: it reduces productivity, and it increases the stress-level of the business owner. As a small business owner, it is stressful but you can cope - now imagine this with a business that is 25% larger.. or 50%... Even if you take out business growth - how about the time missed doing things you love with those that are important to you? Or do you really prefer to spend the evenings buried in spreadsheets, receipts and planning boards?

2. Do more of what you love doing, and claim back your weekends and evenings

When you decided to venture out on your own, to start a business, chances are you did that because you like what you do and take pride in delivery to your customers. However, running a business is more than delivering a great product or service to your customer. All the other stuff? It still needs to be done! It comes down to finding the balance - if you can do the work in the time you set aside for the work, and the components you do not enjoy are less than 10% of that time, you are doing great! Unfortunately, reality is that small business owners tend to work way more hours in the business than they initially intended, and they get to spend way less hours on the task they actually love. Is this why you went into business? Is this reward for the risk, as opposed to regular employment?

With a Digital Service Plan from Aurelian Group, the small business owner finds the business transformed on a digital business platform that integrates the complex transaction flows in a manner that invoicing, expense registration, and getting ready for tax time, are just consequences of delivering for the clients - not an after-thought best handled in evening or weekend hours.

3. Incredible affordable value

The base Digital Business Service Plans are inclusive of the software, implementation (configuration), support, maintenance and enhancement of your digital business platform. This is easily thousands of dollars of value, for a fraction of the cost. It is not just the cost - it is a predictable fee in return for time. Time spent figuring things out, fixing things, that could have been spent on delivering for clients (and invoicing!) - or time spent on life, with family not at work. Aurelian Group recognises that too many business owners spent too much time on things that are necessary to be done, but can be outsourced. For example - with the accounts receivable management add-on (executed by Payce Paid), you do not have to follow up your invoices; it is done for you. You get paid faster and do less for it.

More add-on services are added as an option to the plans - saving you money and time, while returning the confidence that it is done professionally, efficiently, and affordably.


Today's business world is demanding - the small business owner does not just finish when the work for the customer is done. Actually, one may argue that that is when the work starts. There is an alternative, and with Digital Business Services plans by Aurelian Group, this is now affordable to any size business. Check below on either scenarios or the plan pricing, and see how this could fit in your business. Give yourself the time back to do what you love, we take care of the rest.

Matt Koopmans