Licensing terms update for Zoho One - Backstage

25.06.19 09:41 AM By Matt Koopmans

Zoho has made a change to the Zoho One licensing terms in respect to Backstage. While we wait for the full Australian pricing to be released, I have summarised the main changes for you here. Note that all prices mentioned here are in US Dollar (exclusive of GST).

First - there is an update on how many events you can create in Backstage, based on your license count:

1 to 5 employees - 1 Enterprise Event
6 to 10 employees - 2 Enterprise Events
11 to 15 employees - 3 Enterprise Events
16 to 20 employees - 4 Enterprise Events
21 to 25 employees - 5 Enterprise Events
25 to 50 employees - 10 Enterprise Events
51 and above - Unlimited Enterprise Events

To acquire additional events, here is the pricing in US dollar as an indication. As soon as the Australian pricing is announced, I will update this in the solution pages.

$99/month and $990/year recurring add-on for Unlimited Enterprise Event (with commission free ticketing

Backstage Enterprise Addon for Zoho One - $99 per month or $990 per year per organisation (this is with commission free ticketing)

Single Enterprise Event - $299

Three Enterprise Event pack - $599

Five Enterprise Event pack - $799

While a very large portion of Zoho One customers do not use backstage, and therefore this change does not have a material impact. However, if you are a current subscriber, and do use Backstage, I recommend you to contact your partner (if they have not yet been in contact with you on this).

If you are an event organiser, and you were looking at Zoho One for managing your business - this effectively means an increase in the licensing costs. However, even with this price increase, the value proposition is still without peer in the market.

Zoho One for Event Organisers