Legal compliance stressful and expensive? It doesn't have to be

09.09.20 09:37 AM By Matt Koopmans

Running a small business in Australia is not without its challenges. Add to that the compliance requirements, and you have good reason to feel on edge. It is not that there is not enough information out there - we are practically drowning in policies, procedures, guidelines, requirements, and templates. Come up for air with bO2 - oxygen for your business. Read on and see how you can get thousands of dollars worth of value for a very special monthly price.

Enter bO2 to provide you the oxygen for your business. Your time to breathe, knowing that you are supported in your compliance documentation. bO2 maintains and updates an extensive library of essential documentation for Australian small businesses - ready for you to use and incorporate into your business for an affordable monthly fee.

The bO2 suite of corporate essentials includes documents for tax compliance, human resource management and industrial relations, and workplace health and safety. Just one subset of these documents could cost a small business thousands of dollars to have developed - with bO2 it is available in a comprehensive and up-to-date library. You take the documents that you need, or copy the relevant parts and customise to your specific situation; limit the time and effort it takes to stay compliant in Australia.

Aurelian Group is proud to announce a partnership with bO2, where Aurelian Group Digital Business clients can add bO2 Corporate Essentials Unlimited to their plans. bO2 Corporate Essentials Unlimited provides access to the complete Tax, HR/IR, and WHS library created, maintained, and curated by bO2. Here are five reasons why you should subscribe to the corporate essentials today:
  • You can be audited at any time - compliance may not be front of mind for you in your every day operations, it will be when you are audited. And this can happen to any business at any time. Compliance is not optional, and the consequences for not being compliant can be significant. Ensure your compliance and let bO2 do the hard work for you.
  • The documentation is written in practical terms - what use is it to pay for documents nobody understands, and therefore nobody follows? The bO2 documentation is written for the business owner, to be applied in the business with practical results.
  • Proven advice at your fingertips - need to free up some cash-flow? bO2 corporate essentials provides actionable advice at your fingertips. Are you tax compliant? bO2 corporate essentials has the answer, in a way you can understand and action.
  • Practical tools for managing a team of people - human resource management is a discipline on its own. Many small businesses do not have the scale to be able to fund a full-time HR person. bO2 has collected practical procedures you can use - from a guide to the Fair Work Act, to handling grievances, disputes, and investigations - with bO2 you have your complete pack to survive and thrive in the world of human resources and industrial relations
  • Incredible value- the bO2 corporate essentials are incredible value. You can subscribe to individual products, such as Tax Essentials Premium, or HR/IR Smart Guides separately as your business needs. This represents thousands of dollars of value. Or you can sign up for the ultimate pack at a extremely competitive price - that is over $290 per month of value for just $88 per month.

Get access to the Ultimate Plan and start saving - not only on the thousands of dollars you have to spend on professional consulting; by subscribing to  bO2 Corporate Essentials Ultimate, you save over $200 per month additional compared to subscribing to the individual plans. bO2 Corporate Essentials Ultimate includes:

  • Tax Essentials (Premium) - Annual Taxation Summary Manual; Additional Essential Tax information Packs (Year End Specials, Asset Protection, Share and Property Investment, Super Annuation, Tax Saving Tips, Capital Gains Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax, Deceased Estates, Background on Financial Ratio Analysis, Tax Effective Borrowing, Exposures for Directors, Recent Developments in Case Law).
  • IR/HR Smart Guides and Toolpacks -A Business Guide to the Fair Work Act; HR/IR Survival Guide for Business; Handling Grievances, Disputes, Investigations, and Actions; Social Media, Internet, and Email in the Workplace; Stress and Fatigue Management; Employers Guide to Using Contractors; Workplace Policies; Employee Policy Manual and Supporting Documentation; Termination, Performance Management, and Discipline Forms; Employment Pack, containing Recruitment Letters, and Documentation to Hire and Induct New Employees.
  • WHSmart Safety Essentials - Trades and Office WHS Manual; WHS Policy Statement; Additional information to help Identify Hazards and their Associated Risks; Checklists and Forms; Safe Work Methods; Emergency Response Plan.
  • Drugs in theWorkplace - Covers both Legal and Illegal Drugs; Investigation Procedures; Drug Testing Procedures; Steps to Introduce Drug Testing in the Workplace; Testing Options (random, mandatory, and incident related); Drug Test Flow Chart; Policies for Drug and Alcohol Use and Testing; Policy for Smoking and the Workplace.