Zoho has updated the price of Zoho One again - and it is great news!

15.02.19 02:29 PM By Matt Koopmans

On September 15 2018, Zoho announced the introduction of the "Flexible User" licence, next to the "All Employee" licence for Zoho One, while at the same time introducing a minimum take-off for the "All Employee" licence to five employees. In practice, this meant that a Solopreneur - the single person company - was no longer able to purchase Zoho One for AUD 45 / USD 35 per month. Instead, the Solopreneur had to opt for the "Flexible User" licence of AUD 125/USD90 per month (all prices prior to discounts for annual plans). Business with two to four employees would get the most value by subscribing the minimum five licences. Whilst this still provides great value - Zoho One contains 40+ applications to run your business - it is a significant increase in operating costs for the Micro-Businesses and Solopreneurs.

Starting February 15 2019, there is NO minimum for "All Employee" licences

This is fantastic news for Start-ups, Solopreneurs, and Micro-Businesses! The price of admission to the Zoho One suite of products has been reduced to as low as AUD 45/USD 35 per employee per month. And for that, you get: accounting, expense management, inventory management, website builder and hosting, email and productivity, cloud storage, CRM, email and social marketing, helpdesk and support software, project management software, business analytics suite, etc. Over 40 applications plus over 40 mobile applications - integrated and ready to go. 

Is this too good to be true? Only one way to find out