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    Aurelian Group Affiliate Partner Program

Complementary services towards a common goal

The Affiliate Partner Program is an opportunity for services businesses to provide ongoing services in the form of a subscription to Aurelian Group Customers. Examples of these services are (but not limited to:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax and managerial accounting
  • Business advisory and coaching
  • Copywriting/blogging
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Payroll processing
  • Social media and email marketing
The goal of each service is not to provide the customer with a "transaction" or even an individual service - but to offer a comprehensive service across the various domains via a single platform (the Zoho One implementation is the backbone to each of the services).

What makes this program special - what is in it for you?

The key advantage of this program is the fact that your services are now part of a monthly subscription - each subscription component represents a business value to the customer. The question transforms from: "do you want me to solve this for you" to "how can we evolve our services so they are even more embedded in your business success?".

This program takes the seasonality and fluctuations out of your revenue stream. You will be invoicing a fixed amount per customer you do services for, and get paid - it is as simple as that. All you have to manage is your plans (what you offer at what rate), and the quality of your work (which, if you qualify for this program, you take exceptional pride in).

Another key difference is that with each customer you get to use a familiar platform. Accountants only have to work with Zoho Books in this program, writing blog posits is done via Zoho Sites, and business coaches and advisors have access to standardised dashboards and detailed reporting. This standardisation of the platform decreases your learning curve, and increases your productivity working for clients - allowing you to serve more customers with your capacity at hand.

We offer a single point of invoice - you invoice us for all clients you serve in this model - and we pay you. Simple. Fast. Effective.

We grow together - with our clients

When businesses have a common goal, is when collaboration is "in phase" - it amplifies the overall results for our clients. Simply put, the better we do, the better results for the client, allowing for client growth and therefore growth in uptake of our services. But we also like to reward those that bring in new clients - there is a 5% referral commission based on the payments received from the client in this model - so if you bring in a customer that takes up $ 7500 of monthly services, that is $ 375 commission per month - for the duration of your affiliation AND the client's subscription, which includes your services. Basically, when you refer a business, each payment received of this program earns you 5% for the duration of the subscription. That is on top of your regular service fees. This is just a bonus - there are no set targets to bring someone in, no tiers, no pressure. We believe that when a business is helped by these services, you would refer them - the reward is just an extra.

Your brand

Your brand identity is important to us - as it is important to you. When you sign up for the program, you will have a prominent entry on our Partnerships and Affiliations page - with a custom page describing your business and services and a backlink to your website. Whilst we make it easy for the customers to transact with a single invoice and single all inclusive payment per month, we believe it is of utmost importance to be transparent about the brands we represent. We are honoured to represent our affiliate partners.

What we expect from you

We want to keep this as simple as possible - for our clients as well as for you, our partners. There are a few expectations you should keep in mind when you join the program:

  • Quality and Customer Satisfaction - this is the lifeblood of our success. We do not expect constant perfection, but we do require all our partners to take care of the quality and customer satisfaction. When things turn out not as great as we'd all want, we expect you to work with the client and (within reason) get it right. Constant improvement is not optional. There are periodic quality surveys to all clients - all our success is dependent on the favourable scores returned.
  • Monthly Invoicing - we invoice our clients monthly. We expect you to invoice us on a similar basis. We accept a payment term of 7 days. The subscription invoices are issued at the beginning of the subscription period in advance.
  • Common Platform -  all work is to be performed on the common platform. If your business performs services that are catered for by the Zoho Platform, we will provide you with the licence to the customer environment to perform these services. If you perform services on a complementary platform, then we will collaborate to get your platform integrated with the customer environment.
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure - all customer data is deemed confidential. You will get access to the customer environment as required for the services subscribed by the customer. No data shall be exported, copied, or otherwise made available to non-authorised parties, nor used by your organisation other than for the purpose of providing the services the customer subscribed to.

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